Home of National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day ™

This is the home of National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day™, sponsored by Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center near Boulder, CO. National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day (NWRAD) is celebrated on March 10!

There are thousands of licensed wildlife rehabilitators across the United States, professionals who selflessly and tirelessly care for tens of thousands of wild animals every year, often at their own expense. The goal of rehabilitation is to release these animals back into their natural habitats.

Rehabbers wake up every 2-3 hours throughout the night to feed an orphaned squirrel. They spend the day feeding a hungry baby bird every 30 minutes. They administer medicines, tend to wounds and fix broken bones. They sometimes go without meals and without sleep. They give our wild neighbors a second chance when humans have interfered.

Do you know a wildlife rehabber? Show some appreciation by celebrating NWRAD on March 10! Here’s how you can show your thanks:

  1. Send your local wildlife rehabilitator a simple, “Thank you!” card.
  2. Bring lunch or snacks; rehabilitators often don’t have the time to stop and make meals!
  3. Volunteer! Ask what you can do to help for the day, or if there’s anything on the wish list that you can donate.
  4. Donate money! Many licensed wildlife rehabilitators fund their operations out of thier own pockets. Every dollar counts!


National Wildlife Rehabilitators Appreciation Day™ is an effort led by Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to recognize and raise awareness about the contributions and public services that licensed wildlife rehabilitators provide to natural conservation and local communities across the nation.

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  1. What a wonderful idea, that is long overdue. Thanks to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for sponsoring this day. Spread the word and thank your local wildlife rehabilitators!

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